Live Life Consciously Unconscious

To all my free spirits and do-ers, I applaud you. I didn’t use to be that person. Matter of fact, I wish I became that person earlier. I was a “People Pleaser” as my dad would call me. I was so tied up on people’s opinion,  doing things according to how she felt or what he would say, scared af of what they would think of me if I did this, or wore that, or let my nappy fro out (this was middle school and high school by the way). I started to even wonder who I really was and what did I really like. I became timid to even stand up for myself. I was losing myself in the worst way possible. Ha, people pleaser. That I was indeed. Let me just say kids are mean. Bullying is not always physical. It can very well be on mental terms as well. I went to school walking on egg shells, came home and walked on some more, it was a nightmare.


That’s where the problem lies. We’re too concerned about what so and so thinks, the same exact so and so who has their own issues and flaws that they completely bypass to skip on over and tug on yours. Like the good ol’ book says “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. Everyone is so backwards these days, I just don’t get it. So here’s what I say: Forget an opinion, disregard the negativity, and do you baby girl. To finally break free, you just have to accept the fact that no matter what you do there’s always someone in the background who feels the need to speak on it. So you might as well do what makes you happy, am I right?

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