Bomb Girl Feature of the Week: Desiree

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I would like to welcome you all to the segment I like to call “Bomb Girl Feature” where we shine a spotlight on our ladies who go above and beyond the average, keep it realer than real, and show us how to unearth our inner queen. This week I would like to introduce to you a woman of strength, determination, and some bomb advice. She is the one and only Desiree Taylor of Dallas and my mom.

Desiree #1

Q: Being that you have two teenage daughters, you have a lot of experience when it comes to motherhood. What advice would you give to a first time mom?

A:  First things first, It’s important to always keep in mind that no one is going to treat your child better than you are. If you think like that it will, help you make better decisions when deciding who to let watch your baby. Also, it’s important to maintain self care. Take care of yourself. Don’t forget about yourself. Being a new mom is definitely time consuming as we all know, but there has to be a balance. Always remember to include a good diet, exercise (even if that means getting on the floor and doing 50 crunches before bed), and keep a good hygiene. Last piece of advice I would give is to keep in mind that the younger your child is, the easier it is for them to get hurt. Stay attentive and alert wherever you are whether that be the mall, park, library, or at home.

Desiree #2

Q: How do you balance work, building a business, and being a mother, and grandmother all at once?

A: It’s just that. A matter of balance and you have to understand that everyone has the same 24 hours to get things done. You just have to be wise with your time and stick to it. It’s important to put a deadline on certain goals. You can start by assigning a designated amount of time to a certain task. Self-care ties in with this as well. I cannot stress how important it is to get at least 8+ of sleep a night. I know that can be hard with having a baby. I know this. But it’s good to take advantage of the time that baby is sleep to also try to get some sleep yourself. Time management is key.

Q: Growing up, you were heavily involved in the cosmetology industry. What is the importance of maintaining your daughter’s hair from the very start?

A: To maximize growth of her hair and you want to teach her at an early age how to care for their hair and train her hair from the start. Maintaining the natural curl is important so as they get older, it’s been taken care of from the beginning. Finding natural-friendly products that cater to baby’s soft hair is a must. The more you care for their hair, the less of a chance you will have to depend on chemicals like relaxers and texturizers which will eventually deteriorate that natural curl.

Desiree #3

Q: When faced with challenges, do you ever question yourself? If so, how do you reassure your abilities?

A: Of course I question myself! Who doesn’t? We’re human. In those times when I do, I like to think of worst situations that I’ve been in. I think of when we had to stay in shelters and hotels and I wondered “What am I going to do? What is going to be my next move?” I would then have to remember that my kids are who I do it for and they’re watching my every move. Reminiscing on my childhood as well is something that helps me. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s era, a lot of the resources that are here today for single mothers were not present back then so I watched my mother struggle after her and my father got divorced. I want to make sure my kids don’t have to experience what I once did. Despite any circumstances, I keep on keeping on for my daughters.


Thank you all for tuning in to this week’s feature! Stay tuned for next week as we interview another mom with some bomb advice.



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