A message for the ‘fatherless’ daughters and ‘daughterless’ fathers

What would you trade your worth for? I don’t know a person in the world who would trade their shiny pennies for wooden nickels so why is it that we trade our worth for something not of it’s equivalence? In other words, as a woman we don’t have to give ourselves up so easy and I mean that in every aspect whether it be physically, mentally, or sexually. We tend to shy away from this topic too often but it’s time for it to be addressed.

I’m sure we can all say that in high school, we all knew about “that girl”. You can take it in whichever context that you prefer but the emphasis on ‘that’ should explain where I’m going with this. She was never taught love so fell for whatever she thought it was supposed to be. If I’m speaking to that girl or you know this girl, please make a note of this: You are worth gold. You are valuable beyond your understanding. Do we leave our diamonds and rubies out for public eye just for anyone to take? So why don’t we you treat yourself as you would treat a jewel? I can name a few reasons why and if you can vouch for atleast one, it’s time for some self evaluation.

1. Trying to fill the void of low self-esteem and brokenness by being willing to do anything and settle for anyone.
2. You know the relationship is unhealthy but he ‘loves you and doesn’t mean to be that way’.
3. Doesn’t feel good enough and struggles with self esteem. Self love doesn’t come easy so you need a guy to reinsure you.
4. Never had a role model to show how a man should you. Verbal and physical abuse becomes a normality.

Our generation is on repeat. Our young men never were taught how to be a man because the man wasn’t there. They then have to resort in looking other places for guidance. Then comes the girl who is impregnated by this same young man. Mind you, he doesn’t know how to be a father, never had a father, and never wanted to be one. The girl never grew up knowing the expectations that I man should uphold as a father so what do we have here? Repetition.

The proven fact that fathers play a big role in a way a girl views herself and builds her self-esteem is what needs to be understood. You will never know your self worth until the decision is made that control from others will no longer be tolerated. For many woman it can be a learning process and it’s not overnight and that’s okay but when the moment comes where your inner and outer beauty is reborn, you won’t ever forget it.


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