Bomb Girl Feature of the Week: Tiedrika

One of the most beautiful things about motherhood is the diversity, the different walks of lives, and the different women to tell their story. This week we shine a light on a young lady who made a big transition into becoming Jaden’s mommy. Here’s her story.

tiedrika #1.png

  1. What advice would you provide to a first time mom who may be struggling with body acceptance after having her baby?

Basically just love yourself the way that you are. Coming from daily exercise and volleyball practice to weight gain and stretch marks on my stomach and thighs, it was a big change. I soon came to the realization that it would never be the same again, but there was a great outcome out of it. I now have a beautiful son. You have to understand that you actually carried a child for nine months so every stretch mark has a story.


2.  What was your experience with transitioning from college life to becoming a mommy?

The transition was a big one. I went from being able to do whatever I wanted to do, whenever I wanted to do it to basing my entire schedule around my child. I sleep when he sleeps and I eat when he eats. It’s no longer get up and go. I became so accustomed to the sports life and now I’m always at home. I no longer have the same worries a college kid would have. Now I have other concerns like “who is going to watch my baby while I’m at work?” My advice to a new mother is to remember that it is no longer about you anymore. Enjoy every moment with your child because those are moments you can not get back.

tiedrika #2


3. Did you find breastfeeding to be difficult?

I truly enjoyed it for the short time I did. It was difficult because he wouldn’t latch which resorted in me using a nipple shield. The only thing I found uncomfortable was when my breasts became really engorged. I would take a hot shower hoping that it would soothe the pain. It was also difficult to breastfeed when I was away from him. Overall, I loved it and feel like that is the best thing for him. I will began breastfeeding again very soon.


4. How did you cope with stress from other none-pregnancy related issues?

Stress is not even the word to describe how my pregnancy was. It literally went left and if I had the chance to go back, I wouldn’t. That is literally how stressed I was. The pressure from having to drop out of school, working two jobs, and having his father away still in school took a huge toll on me. On top of that, I endured a lot of negativity from everyone who was around me. Money wise, I didn’t experience a big issue. As I began going to parenting classes, it prepared me financially so that I would have all the essentials that he needed when he arrived.

tiedrika #3


5. What are a few self care tips you would recommend after your baby is born?

Eating right and keeping yourself up is very important even when you have a child to care for, don’t forget about yourself. If you’re not in good condition physically, if can affect day to day with having to take care of a newborn. Along with exercise comes confidence.

Some great advice has come from this new mom! Tune in next week as we talk to another Bomb Girl about motherhood. Thank you everyone. Much love.

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