Journey to Self-Love: Body Edition

I always have people come to me for advice on loosing baby weight or just loosing weight in general and of course I’m always happy to share my experience. Along with sharing my experience I like to highlight my experience because not everyone’s body reacts the same to certain techniques so please keep this in mind.


Breasts are the best

Let’s just start off with the main contribution to the weight loss which was breast-feeding. I strongly encourage this to any new or expecting mothers. Aside from it being liquid gold packed with antibiotics to help your baby fight off infections and bacteria, reducing the risk of all allergies, asthma, ear infections, and respiratory illnesses, it also is working for your good as well. During breastfeeding the hormone oxytocin is released which helps tightens the cervix. I exclusively breastfed for seven glorious months  (I wish I would’ve continued longer) and my stomach went down so much, you couldn’t even tell I had a baby (I was told). Plus it was definitely quick and convenient.


Good diet per say

Let’s be honest. Unless you’re a healthy, vegan, gym-junkie fanatic, healthy eating can be a challenge especially when you’re like me who just needs something quick. My diet was and is still a working progress. Meal-prep is a great way to maintain your portion and make sure you’re eating all of the good stuff. On a weekly basis when preparing your meals make sure that you include at least one veggie, protein, and grain and plenty of water. If you would like to see a feature on my meal prep ideas, please comment below. It took me cutting out the soda and heavily sugared drinks and fast food to realize that was what was contributing to the extra weight. Take a moment to think about your guilty pleasure. Okay now think about the difference it would make it you reduced your intake on it. Bingo.


Consistent Work-Outs

Simple work outs is all it takes. As a mom, I don’t always have the time to make it to the gym so I had to get creative with my at home workouts which sometimes includes my Hazzy. Sit-ups and bicycles are my favorite when working on my midsection. Find a cushioned area on the floor or even in your bed and make it a habit to do at least 3 sets of 20 a night. Squats and leg lifts are also beneficial if your main focus is your butt and thighs. Try challenging yourself to 25 squats every time you go to the restroom. I have found these simple work-outs to be beneficial for myself as a busy mom and hold me off until I have time to make it to the gym. Give them a try and see the difference.

Body acceptance is not only skin deep. It’s also accepting yourself mentally too but when you feel good on the outside it reflects on the inside as well.

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