Bomb Girl Feature of the Week: Princess


We’re back and we’re better! I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas break. Between keeping my sanity while Christmas shopping and attempting to transition into the vegetarian lifestyle per my mother’s request, I was able to FINALLY interview not only a very good friend of mine but also an amazing mom. She has some awesome advice on dating, self- care, and breastfeeding. Check it out!






1.What advice would you offer to a single mom nervous about dating?
“You should first make sure he’s consistent within the relationship and then you can trust that he is consistent around your child. It’s easy to vibe with someone one-on-one but once your child enters the picture, things change. Pay attention. Personally, I’ve given myself the 8-month rule. Allow time to see how things go for the first 8 months of dating and that will allow you to determine if he’s ready to meet your child.”


2. What is something you reminded yourself of daily with dealing with motherhood?
“Patience, patience, patience. Patience is virtue. Being a young mother dealing with the turmoil and getting things in line is stressful enough but when you have a child to raise, sometimes it takes just breathing it in and out often!”



3. What is something you want to teach your daughter about self-love and self-acceptance?

“Self-love is the best love. I don’t want to go a day without reminding her that she is beautiful because she is unique. No one is made like her and that reason alone is enough to love herself even more. She is uniquely made from her curls all the way down to her feet. Most importantly, she will know that affirmation is needed from no one.”


4.What was your experience with breastfeeding?
“Breastfeeding is one of the greatest gifts you can offer your child. It’s beyond healthy for not only the baby but the mother as well. They become less prone to infection while nursing while you lose the baby fat. It’s a win-win situation. However, it can be hard as you begin but personally I will say it gets easier. I enjoyed the experience beyond physical skin-to-skin. I felt her on a spiritual level and I know she felt me as well.”



5. What are some self-care remedies you enjoy?
“I talk to God on a daily not only for peace of mind but also affirmation. When you’re a mother, it’s hard to have you time. I try to keep myself up in every aspect when possible whether that be getting my nails done once a month, doing my makeup, going shopping, or just a night out with friends. We sometimes forget who we are because we’re so tied up being mothers. It’s okay to have a friendly reminder now and then.”


Such a beautiful soul with some pure, honest advice. This is the reason I love doing these segments. It’s always a joy to hear from our queens. If there is any suggestions or recommendations for what you all would like to see in the future, let me know! Please don’t forget to share. Much love!


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