Bomb Girl Feature of the Week: Princess


We’re back and we’re better! I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas break. Between keeping my sanity while Christmas shopping and attempting to transition into the vegetarian lifestyle per my mother’s request, I was able to FINALLY interview not only a very good friend of mine but also an amazing mom. She has some awesome advice on dating, self- care, and breastfeeding. Check it out!






1.What advice would you offer to a single mom nervous about dating?
“You should first make sure he’s consistent within the relationship and then you can trust that he is consistent around your child. It’s easy to vibe with someone one-on-one but once your child enters the picture, things change. Pay attention. Personally, I’ve given myself the 8-month rule. Allow time to see how things go for the first 8 months of dating and that will allow you to determine if he’s ready to meet your child.”


2. What is something you reminded yourself of daily with dealing with motherhood?
“Patience, patience, patience. Patience is virtue. Being a young mother dealing with the turmoil and getting things in line is stressful enough but when you have a child to raise, sometimes it takes just breathing it in and out often!”



3. What is something you want to teach your daughter about self-love and self-acceptance?

“Self-love is the best love. I don’t want to go a day without reminding her that she is beautiful because she is unique. No one is made like her and that reason alone is enough to love herself even more. She is uniquely made from her curls all the way down to her feet. Most importantly, she will know that affirmation is needed from no one.”


4.What was your experience with breastfeeding?
“Breastfeeding is one of the greatest gifts you can offer your child. It’s beyond healthy for not only the baby but the mother as well. They become less prone to infection while nursing while you lose the baby fat. It’s a win-win situation. However, it can be hard as you begin but personally I will say it gets easier. I enjoyed the experience beyond physical skin-to-skin. I felt her on a spiritual level and I know she felt me as well.”



5. What are some self-care remedies you enjoy?
“I talk to God on a daily not only for peace of mind but also affirmation. When you’re a mother, it’s hard to have you time. I try to keep myself up in every aspect when possible whether that be getting my nails done once a month, doing my makeup, going shopping, or just a night out with friends. We sometimes forget who we are because we’re so tied up being mothers. It’s okay to have a friendly reminder now and then.”


Such a beautiful soul with some pure, honest advice. This is the reason I love doing these segments. It’s always a joy to hear from our queens. If there is any suggestions or recommendations for what you all would like to see in the future, let me know! Please don’t forget to share. Much love!


Bomb Girl Feature of the Week: Tiedrika

One of the most beautiful things about motherhood is the diversity, the different walks of lives, and the different women to tell their story. This week we shine a light on a young lady who made a big transition into becoming Jaden’s mommy. Here’s her story.

tiedrika #1.png

  1. What advice would you provide to a first time mom who may be struggling with body acceptance after having her baby?

Basically just love yourself the way that you are. Coming from daily exercise and volleyball practice to weight gain and stretch marks on my stomach and thighs, it was a big change. I soon came to the realization that it would never be the same again, but there was a great outcome out of it. I now have a beautiful son. You have to understand that you actually carried a child for nine months so every stretch mark has a story.


2.  What was your experience with transitioning from college life to becoming a mommy?

The transition was a big one. I went from being able to do whatever I wanted to do, whenever I wanted to do it to basing my entire schedule around my child. I sleep when he sleeps and I eat when he eats. It’s no longer get up and go. I became so accustomed to the sports life and now I’m always at home. I no longer have the same worries a college kid would have. Now I have other concerns like “who is going to watch my baby while I’m at work?” My advice to a new mother is to remember that it is no longer about you anymore. Enjoy every moment with your child because those are moments you can not get back.

tiedrika #2


3. Did you find breastfeeding to be difficult?

I truly enjoyed it for the short time I did. It was difficult because he wouldn’t latch which resorted in me using a nipple shield. The only thing I found uncomfortable was when my breasts became really engorged. I would take a hot shower hoping that it would soothe the pain. It was also difficult to breastfeed when I was away from him. Overall, I loved it and feel like that is the best thing for him. I will began breastfeeding again very soon.


4. How did you cope with stress from other none-pregnancy related issues?

Stress is not even the word to describe how my pregnancy was. It literally went left and if I had the chance to go back, I wouldn’t. That is literally how stressed I was. The pressure from having to drop out of school, working two jobs, and having his father away still in school took a huge toll on me. On top of that, I endured a lot of negativity from everyone who was around me. Money wise, I didn’t experience a big issue. As I began going to parenting classes, it prepared me financially so that I would have all the essentials that he needed when he arrived.

tiedrika #3


5. What are a few self care tips you would recommend after your baby is born?

Eating right and keeping yourself up is very important even when you have a child to care for, don’t forget about yourself. If you’re not in good condition physically, if can affect day to day with having to take care of a newborn. Along with exercise comes confidence.

Some great advice has come from this new mom! Tune in next week as we talk to another Bomb Girl about motherhood. Thank you everyone. Much love.

5 Self-Care Tips for Mommies

Body Soul Sanity

I’m not even about to lie to you guys. Being a mom is literally a full time, 24 hours, 7 days a week, unpaid holidays type of job that we all can agree is exhausting and I mean really exhausting. If you’re like me, you probably can not afford to book a flight whenever you feel like flying to the Virgin Islands for a getaway right? So I accumulated a few at home, self-care ideas that I’ve tried myself and can truly say has helped me keep my sanity.

Quiet Time.

Through all of the crying, whining, and cartoons on repeat, us mamas need some quiet time. Put the baby to sleep, go into the other room if needed, and spend a few minutes in complete silence with zero distractions. This could be a time of prayer and devotion or self reflection. I personally say silence is music to a mothers’ ears. We’re so much on edge and in mommy mode from the time that we wake up that it’s hard to get those moments of silence so catch them while you can.

Remember You Da Bomb.

Do you remember before the baby when everything fit nice and tight? No stretch marks and no mommy pouch? You could pretty much wear whatever, go out with friends every other weekend (if not every weekend?). Well I sure do. Having a baby really does revise your life. You invest so much time in taking care of her that you unknowingly forget to take care of yourself eventually feeling like you’re loosing yourself. Well don’t loose yourself. Take a candle lit bath, go get your hands and feet done (throw your eyebrows in while you’re at it), do a full face and have a mini photo shoot. Whatever you have to do to remind yourself that you still got it goin’ on.

Post-Belly Workouts.

Every woman’s body is not the same so don’t expect or compare your bounce back to be like the next girl. My daughter is half way to two years old and I’m still working on loosing and keeping my baby weight far away. That’s where my go-to workouts come in at. Focus on the midsection, thighs, butt, or wherever else you want to tighten up. With consistency, a moderate diet, and plenty of water baby fat will not be as difficult to shed rather than not doing anything at all.

Get Out.

It can be difficult trying to get back into the groove of things after having a baby. My social life was just about no more because I was now a mother and spent my days at home caring my newborn daughter. When I did finally get the chance to do something fun baby-free, it felt great! We all need a break sometimes even if that just be for a couple hours. Pick a day, find a trustworthy babysitter, and take a night off. We can sometimes forgot that we have a life outside of mommyhood but some refreshers every now and then won’t hurt.

Talk to someone.

If no one ever told you this, it is definitely okay not to be okay. Postpartum depression is very much real and I’ve experienced it first hand. I felt out of sync with my emotions to a certain degree that made the situation worse. I found myself holding a lot of things in due to the fact I didn’t feel like I had anyone to turn to. If you do have someone that you can openly talk to, I highly recommend it.  A lot of pressure can be taken away from simple expression, making life on a day-to-day basis much easier. Of course there are plenty of postpartum depression resources in a time of crisis so please be sure you take care of your mental health before anything as a mother.





Bomb Girl Feature of the Week: Desiree

Bomb Girl Feature (white background)

I would like to welcome you all to the segment I like to call “Bomb Girl Feature” where we shine a spotlight on our ladies who go above and beyond the average, keep it realer than real, and show us how to unearth our inner queen. This week I would like to introduce to you a woman of strength, determination, and some bomb advice. She is the one and only Desiree Taylor of Dallas and my mom. Continue reading “Bomb Girl Feature of the Week: Desiree”

“A Baby With A Baby”

So lets get this cleared up before I begin:

  1. Yes I’m an 18-year old mom.
  2. Yes, the “baby daddy” is present.
  3. No, I’m not a drop out.
  4. No,  I do not depend on government assistance or looking for handouts.
  5. No, my life is not over.


Ok now that we have that established, let’s continue. Everyone has their own “ideal” age that someone should have a kid and the order in which a kid should come: graduation, college, career, marriage, baby, so on, and so on. One thing about me is I pick my battles but speak my mind when necessary. Society’s utopian sequence is fancy and all, but this thing that we’re living is called life and life throws some curveballs whether we’re ready or not. Life is not perfect. In my case, I became pregnant at 16 and had just started my junior year of high school working a part time job at Cici’s Pizza (literally making a little over $300 a check by the way). I had never been so terrified in my life, but I made my bed so I had to lay in it so it was time to make some responsible moves. It was hard keeping my secret on hush. I was about two months pregnant when I made the decision of leaving my original high school and attending a smaller high school in my district that offered a credit program that allowed me to obtain my credits for 11th and 12th grade in six months. Let me say that was probably the biggest challenge of my life EVER. A challenge I was not prepared for. Having to get up at the crack of dawn to catch my bus, sitting in class, self-teaching myself new concepts (classes were computer-based), and having a boat load of homework by the end of the day all while dealing with morning sickness, back aches, foot aches, and an extreme appetite. Mind you, I had six months to complete two grade levels if I wanted to graduate a year before my class. At 37 weeks pregnant, I graduated with my certificate of completion and was awarded a scholarship, 2 weeks postpartum I went to prom, and 1 month postpartum I walked the stage earning my high school diploma.

blog pic

No one would expect that from the average teen mom from what they see and hear right? I find it funny when I mention to people “my daughter” or “my baby” and their whole persona towards me changes especially because I look so young. I’ve had to grow to the point where I didn’t dwell on that one interaction for the rest of that day even though it did bother me and sometimes even hurt. At one point,  I realized that who freakin’ cares what people think?! This is my life and I’m the one writing the story.


My daughter is the best thing that has happened to me. Anyone who knows her knows that she is literally a ball of sunshine and that’s why I chose sunflowers to symbolize her. I use to get offended when people would make smart comments about me being “a baby with a baby” but I don’t anymore. I look at it like this, I have my whole  life ahead of me and I’m still learning myself. I fall. I fail sometimes. I get back up. I make up for it. I just so happen to be raising up a young queen during the process. With the awesome support system that her father and I have, things are much easier and the sky remains the limit.